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Autism Resources for our Community

Our mission is simple. To enhance the lives of people with autism by connecting the NWA community through greater awareness and resources. Autism Involves Me (AIM) is a non-profit organization located in Bentonville Arkansas. AIM was Founded in 2002 under the name, Northwest Arkansas Autism Support Group. Our visionĀ is to serve families impacted with autism in both direct and indirect ways. Whether it is addressing a need specific to one family, or partnering with our schools, medical providers, or our congress and senate members to have a broader impact, we remain committed to serving those touched by autism. AIM hosts events throughout the year for the autism community to engage in. It is a time to meet great people in an environment safe for individuals on the autism spectrum. In addition, we bring professional resources and information sources to the Northwest Arkansas Community to inform and educate parents and caregivers on key information to know. Be sure to check the Events Calendar for more information!

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